1. Works been busy, filming in brazil and Argentina, so busy in fact that these are the only photos I took. As they say something’s better than nothing

  2. Friends of ham. On the way back from Yorkshire saw this place in Leeds, didn’t have a chance to eat in there, but loved the design and decor.

  3. Tour de Yorkshire. Late collection if snaps from the Tour de France’s Grand Depart from Yorkshire. Had a great time, hours of waiting for 60 seconds of whoosh. It was magnificent and the countryside and the roads were great too…

  4. Trip to the vinyl library out on east london, good tunes…

  5. Some quick snaps from NYC, worked hard, ate a lot, drank cider. Also visited New Jersey for the first time.

  6. Some photos from my travels, an edited slice of what I’ve been seeing over the last six or so months.

  7. After Madrid, here comes Milan. Post work drinks by the canals and gelato. Loved it.

  8. Night out in Madrid, down around Tribunal, a little local knowledge makes for a rare chance to hang out away from the tourist trail. First time in Madrid and it feels a lot less tourist focused than Barcelona.

  9. cyclingisart:

Goals of Greg LeMond via @daniellloyd1
    High Res


    Goals of Greg LeMond via @daniellloyd1

  10. More london food adventures, apologies for the cliche food diary this tumblr is becoming.. But it was so good. Blackfoot Restaurant down on Exmouth Market. All pork, all the time. And the chili crackling is amazing.

  11. Long weekend in Marrakech.

  12. Cartography in Brixton village

  13. Eating out in London Town

  14. David Shiyang Liu, animates Ira Glass talking about creativity.

    I’ve posted up this quote before, but it never grows old, or goes out of date, so thought I’d post it up again.

  15. Grilled Cheese Month – Our Daily Bread (Grilled, with Cheese) in a Grid

    I love a grilled cheese sandwich, and this blog post is just too full of awesome to resist.